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British People’s Money

November 2, 2010 1 comment

TUC meeting which union leaders from Unison – RMT – Inst of Employment Rights and Public Services Commercial Union spoke about the current deficit of £millions pounds Cameron Clegg and his government are going to swipe off from Welfare Benefit Sector and Workers Pay.

It’s about time you’s people stood up and be counted for get together and stop hanging around for an individual to leave you a comment.

These cuts are vicious and cruel attacks the very underbelly of our society tory think tanks and their wiz kid advisors the off springs of thatcher with their chopping block cut and hack methods cannot wait to get started.

It is not just (tax payers money)which is tiresomely repeated time and time again deliberately targeting the very people relying on these public services causing deliberate suffering and hardship. The tax payer is just one sector of society who the government never seems to want to reveal we also have corporation tax paid by companies capital gains tax fuel tax to mention just a few there are number of endless taxes to prop up public spending from British People’s Money – The Parties are all the same but the tory party is the most evil because there are still people behind the scenes who you dont see like Lord Young who has just been booted out and who are determined to carry on Thatcher’s Evil Legacy.

If the tax payer wish to wyne and complain never endlessly shout about the over spending in the parliament running costs and overheads the first chop could be the House of Lords Back Benchers and Armchair Sleepers and their would still be enough cushion and margin.

The government’s real pleasure is not £millions here and £billions there their real pleasure is seeing people under their mercy which is their real triumph.

Brown may have been the worst Priminister we may have lost trust in Blair but during their reign they did bring tax credits to us which is better than nothing while we have to accept greedy capitalism labour showed a little humanity with these tax credit etc; what was humanely right to get people out of poverty and unlike the tories who wish to bring back their evil poverty ways taking everything from the poor to give to the rich just to put it all in to thatcher’s handbag.