NHS should not be seen just to be doing

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Many times working temporary in these NHS Hospitals I have picked the phone up or witnessed a patient almost on their knees and beside themselves with terror because of shortcommings from staff who choose to either swan around showing off their new shoes or a doctor thinking he is some film star rather than giving a simple service to patients; and silly females giggling and laughing about anything just for a laugh to takeaway their Borden – the phone has been unplugged from it’s socket to stop loved ones and relatives of families who are wanting information are simply ignored so that these girls can have their laugh.

Another department with four females and one doctor resident the females were more concerned with the doctors’s attention on them and chasing after the doctor like four little babies. This is the mentality of these places and the capacity of these childish people who only want to get out of the house away from bordom for themselves they have not got or dont want the brain capacity to relize that they are also working on behalf of a patient/customer.

In the x ray department working with another four females as I thought because one who had been their the longest called Sue Cheeseman was wanting to be my line manager that is fair enough she has been their longer but she wanted more in that she wanted me to fall in love with her I presume to become the line manager. I go to work I shouldnt have to be subjected to abuse and my well-being compromised in any shape or form if she believed she was the line manager she should just get on with her duties and stop pestering and become a nuisance like a little baby to other people around her. People who are not ready for the work place and only come to work to bring misery and grief to other people around you should stay at home especially these people who have been their the longest and because of this bring no creativity only grief and misery. This episode eventually got me the sack because I was taking more notice of my work and what I was doing and not chasing around after a silly little female line manager pandering to her whims because of out of date filthy habits and paedophelliac tendencies which are rife in these organisations.

So the point of this post is to answer to the enquiry of the parents who son unnecessaryily died under NHS Care and many more who’s loved ones have died or have been abused through neglect. People working in these Public Services wynning and thinking it is only about them and disconnecting the telephone from the socket to stop patient’s relatives from making enquiries about their loved ones brings about a whole system of abuse because they have been in the job to long they are uncreative not innovative and do not think that they should be giving people any service The work place is not a playground! These places needs cleaning up rapidly and effectively and these people who encourage sloppiness and deliberate distractedness should be given the boot and sent home.

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