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Uncreative People on the Backs of the Young

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment
CBI Annual Dinner 2010

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Ian Duncan Smith is persistant and tunnel visioned he is set out on working jobless people down to the ground because they have been on long term unemployment benefits. He cannot accept that people look for work and THE JOB is simply not their instead he passes the buck and blames it on the jobless. I know I was unemployed for fifiteen years during which time I went for countless interviews about 500 to be exact and never got a job unless you subject yourself into begging at an interview you just get passed by. The best I ever got was temporary work then because of this type of contract your are easily exploited in these organisations it seems to me that Ian Duncan Smith has got no vision in being creative all he sees is looking down a whole and talking to DWP much good they will do. If their is any work going to be introduced whilst people are unemployed they should be getting a proper wage whilst they are under this contract this is more uplifting  and humane  instead of  working people down to the ground which this country seems bent on doing.



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Spending Cuts – Chop – Hack and Swipe

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Poison Ivy

The Spending Cut Announcements it was disclosed their would be no cuts made to the NHS. It has come to my attention that 30,000 people each year in this country die from heart related coronary diseases due to specifically consuming hydrogenated oils directly or indirectly. It is a very dangerous man made ingredient (slow killer)made from vegetable oil and hydrogenated gas which is worse than saturated fat these trans fats deposits a build up of plaque around the artery walls making the vessels so narrow that over time slowing and stopping oxygen to the heart muscle and preventing the heart muscle pumping efficiently bringing on heart related diseases coronary and eventual death. MacDonalds Food Chain and Burger King both have stopped the use of hydrogenated fats in their cooking process required by USA legislation. Walkers Crisps however have removed 55% of salt in their cooking production and invested in the development of sunflower oil but we still do not know if they are still using this nasty trace of trans fats in their cooking process due to the relaxed english laws. Marks & Spencer has a little sticker advertised in their branches making a reluctant effort to inform people that all their ready meals are without hydrogenated oils but all their other food products are still being processed with this deadly cheap profit ingredient this is not enough from these giant industries who afterall make these big profits not from peoples choice but from institutional marketing.

The Government have rejected the recommendations of NICE banning these profit cheap ingredients Hydrogenated oils used in the Fast Food Industry – this is a a silent killer but the UK government argue that it is uneccessary to ban this cheap profit ingredient into our food chain.

Who do these people think they are that they can decide and precide over a population’s health and decide what amounts of this cheap profit ingredient should compomise peoples health because it takes them off the hook becasue of the legally advertised less than 0.5gm – This is a dangerous cooking ingredient which is a silent killer over time.

It seems sense that the government is not making any cuts to the NHS there has to be a place for 30,000 deaths to go to each year. – the government however who are voted in government by the people to work for the people continue to turn a blind eye to this slow killer ingredient used in our fast food processing industry and the only political strategy on offer is to have the NHS waiting in the wings to pass on the 30,000 deaths each year for human disposal. Which is Acceptable and Accountable and also we the public just have to lump it.