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Britain Has Lost It’s Intrepreneurial Leadership

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I can understand why Tory Government been brought back in  Power.  Someone has to bring the country back in to it’s rightful state.  The country has lost its business platform and we are loosing companies like Cadbury’s and the Steel Works to Foreign Business.

I am not surprised all we Brits seem to think about is pandering ourselves and “My face” is beautiful “great for the individual person on the street “ who wants to be noticed” but the bigger picture is  we have become so short sighted allowed our nation to get in to a right hole that   we have become a third world country and allowed silly social matters to become a thing of national importance and money spinning yarns  whilst from within the same nation we have  troops in the Middle East fighting wars and when they have fallen we mark their deaths with very little response compared to celebrity status  individuals who parading around on television chasing after fame and fortune  and the public becoming hysterical.  This is great for promoting television and televsion companies but this sort of enterprise is not very Leadership qualities it is alright for the locals on the street but on an enterprising and competitive world stage we can do without and the people behind these televsion programmes should be airing more intellectual viewing .

Having this sort of indulgence showing on prime national television is not only stupidity but it does not educate people for future generations we have become a childish nation this type of viewing could be shown on the lesser viewed stations and less of shoving this sort of viewing on prime television shoving it in intelligent peoples faces.

Whilst we applaud these tv celebrities  who could easily be doing their strut on the street or at local exhibitions  but because it is on television the public go in to a stupid frenzy which has been encouraged by stupid people  whereas the war effort gets very little attention in comparison. I am not a sympathiser of any modern war but in comparison this over indulgent airing of air brushed celebrity status brings the wrong message to young people and the creaters behind this aired brushed celebrity status on prime television are nothing more than over indulgent fat cats encouraging a lot of ills and shortsightedness especially to our young people of the day.  On this note –  I would not allow my son to join any war and get themselves killed whilst an over indulgent selfish society behaves this way.

These people around us especially in high postion jobs who could certainly help to bring about changes in this attitude  “in that it is all about them”  working in television  and  organisation who parade themselves on mediterranean beaches “look at me” clearly cannot leave their indulgence on the beach there is a time and a place for extra marital acitivity.

We have diminished business acument and intrepreneurial leadership the present govenernment is aiming to trim these areas back in to ship shape otherwise we cannot and will not be able to  sustain World Economics for the good or our country.  The bigger picture is that it is not about face beauty and hair that is for the bedroom these product companies selling their swag are allowed to intrude in to our lives through television media and everywhere you go where there is a suseptable  audience.

Because of this way of thinking by televison companies who deliberately exploit the public I have to say I would not even watch television most of our ills and misery has been caused because of the television.



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