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Too Many Deaths – Unqualifed Care and Services in NHS Hospitals

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Unqualifed Care Leads To Too Many Deaths   http://carolagius.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/aunties09112.pdf

Frank and Janet Robinson’s son John died after being mis-diagnosed and discharged from Stafford Hospital in 2006.

Regarding the recent enquires in to deaths and mis -treatment and failings and abuse at the Mid-Staffordshire NHS hospital which have lead to 1,200 deaths’ in Mid-Staffordshire.
?Why should people have to suffer this way – ?Why should people who rely on a supposedly "World First Class NHS" Service in the words of the previous priminister.  ?Why dont we get this service.

Working in the Newham NHS Hospital and many other departments in the NHS for six month and further ten months typing out reports i.e cardiology department etc, and other front line departments – one of the many reasons could be that the people working inside of these organisation just dont give a damn when it comes to front lines services and giving these customer/patients the service thy deserve.

It has become a very sad place when emergency services are now start refusing to
go to call outs saying that the emergency victim does not need an ambulance.

Mr Brown the previous Priminister said "the NHS is a World Class Service". who for? if the tax payer cannot use it during his/her working age why should we have such a monstrosity

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