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Typical Tory Thatcherism

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Cameron boots Young


An advisor to Mr Cameron – it seems that Mr Cameron will be made to keep to his words by by accepting the resignation of Lord Young.  We cannot have people like Lord Young spouting off when Mr Cameron is trying to pull the country together – this is typical money talk where people like Mr Young cannot control himself we are in a different time and place with this country Thatcherism and people like him are to old and the country can do well without his little chuckles whilst the country is having to face a barrage of Cameron Clegg onslaught about money. 


Channel 4 News 7p.m. 19/11/10

Listening to Channels 4 News about Lord Young’s unthought-of words which has cost him his advisory role to Mr Cameron – Mark Littlewoods Institution of Economics stated that he wanted to be informed about news which would be in the interest of the country and not about sentimental policies where people on benefits think they have a right to have – this is correct -  that is why we should not be sentimental in having to keep people on the back benches and armchair sleepers who have been accepted in the House of Lords with more peers than in the House of Commons and the British People Tax Paying Public having to prop all these peerages and Lords up from the tax paying public.

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