British People’s Money – Public Spending

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"I warn you, Sir! The discourtesy of this...

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The first stages have now been implimented for the spending cuts in the UK any body running  a business large or small are all mostly likely in some debt or overdraft of some sought. The Government is a big business and as soon as they got in power all you heard was their wyning and how the govenment was in debt. Yes, we know it is their job to maintain the country’s wellbeing but their cut chop and hack methods to save millions here and billions are only going to affect the people who feel it most. They can spout off forever with these cuts there is only one directions these cuts are leading to and that is being tailored from the toe downwards they dont even look at themselves and the burden they are to society and how they wear and work people down to the ground because of their uncreativity. Instead of doing the same old predictable things why can’t they suprise us all and do their first chopping and hacking at the House of Lords Back Benchers and Armchair Sleepers instead of the British People having to prop these people up.

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